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About Theatre
Azerbaijan Republic The Ministry of Culture and Tourism State Pantomime Theatre
State Pantomime Theatre
- is the first pantomime theatre in the history of theatrical arts of Azerbaijan Republic. Despite of novelty of this theatrical form in Azerbaijan, the admirers of the theatrical art have understood and accepted a pantomime. The main advantage of a pantomime is in internationality of its language. There are no boundaries for it.
Founder of the pantomime theatre in Azerbaijan is Bakhtiyar Khani-Zadeh. He is the Honored worker of art of the Azerbaijan Republic, senior lecturer of the faculty of Stage Act and Choreography of the Azerbaijan State University of Art and Culture. He graduated Sankt-Petersburg State Academy of Theatre, Music and Cinematography. The theatre-studio of a pantomime "The Crowd of mads" was created and acted in TYP since 1994 under the decree of the Ministry of culture of the Azerbaijan Republic Polad Bul-Bul ogli. Mister has dedicated to theatre of studio 10 actor's staffs of the high category. Age of an actor's structure is from 18 up to 30 years. Pantomime theatre has undertaken such liability, as propagation of a pantomime and admission it on the part of the Azerbaijan's spectators. Theatre has acted to the spectators following performances:
"Hope" (S.Beckett) - "Expression for one actor"
"Bouquet of a pantomime" (B.Khani-Zadeh) - a pantomime;
"Travel on East" (B.Khani-Zadeh) - a pantomime;
"Horror of Carol" (S.Marojek "Carol") - exper. performance;
"I came to be a slave of sadness" (M.Fizuly "Leyli and Mejnun") - pantomime - ballet;
"Shangulum, Shungulum, Mangulum" (M.Musabekov) - performance - divertissement;
"Who is guilty (A.Agverdiyev) - vaudeville;
"Flying" (Sh.Attar) - pantomime-mystery;
"Mangurt" (Ch.Aytmatov) - tragedy;
"Ceramist" (U.Gadjibekov ) - a pantomime.
"Tip mothes" (B.Khani-Zadeh) - a pantomime.
?Тhe love? (B.Khani-Zadeh, On Shakespeare's sonnets) ? a pantomime.
?Little prince? (Antuan De Sent Eqsupery) ? a tale-performance.
?The Mask? (Zaur Zeynalov) ? a pantomime.
?Shadow? (B.Khani-Zadeh) - a pantomime.
?Photo spring? (O.Arabul) - performance.
?The way? (N.Garibova)-meditation.
?Malikmamed? (A tale) ? a pantomime
?No Name? (N.Garibova) ? modern pantomime
?A Frame? (A.Abduyallev) ? a pantomime
?Dejavu? S.Qagieva and B.Ahmedli ? modern pantomime
The Union of the Theatrical Figures of Azerbaijan under the initiative of theatre - studio of a pantomime "The Crowd of mads" has staged and has conducted two international festivals of a pantomime "Him-Jim". The actors of pantomime theatre participated in the master class of the world famous Georgian producer Robert Sturua, (Tbilisi, ? Hamlet without Hamlet? mastership course,14-28 November 1998), in Georgia (Tbilisi, april 1999 festival "Theatre+Video",) in Russia (Moscow,26-30 April, 1999 ?Azerbaijan culture days?), in France
( ?Dada Gorgud-1300?), in Turkey (Ankara, 4th Theatre Festivals, November 18-28, 1999), in Bulgaria (Sofia, Summer Academy of Performing Arts ? Bodies and Time?, ?Fildenkrayz method?, ? White buto? seminars, July 18 - August 4, 2000), in Georgia (Tbilisi,17 September-8 October, 2000, ?Golden Mask? International Theatre Festival), in Iran (Tehran, November 4-10, 2001 International Festival of a Pantomime), in Germany (Potsdam 17-23 June, 2001, in ?Unidrama? Festival, ? Dreams of XXI century? in international project St. Petersburg culture centre of under the play of Arthur Shnichler "Coverlet of Pyererti), in Turkey (7-17 November, 2001.6-th Theatre Festivals in Ankara), in Iran (Tehran March 3-10, 2002"Friendship? theatre festival), in Russia (Irkutsk, 30August-8 September, 2002. "Mimolyot" 6-th International festival of a pantomime and modern plastics), in Turkey (17 - 27 October, 2002"ETHOS" the International festival), in Holland ( Amsterdam,9 - 15 December, 2002 " Oud west-thuis best " Intercultural festival), in Austria, (Vienna, 10 - 14 April, 2003, in the project of" Travel to the world of our dream ") , in Ukraine, (Kiev, 7-14 May, 2003, ? Kiev-Travnevi? 5-th International Festival, in Tatarstan (Kazan, 30 May ? 6 June, 2005, ?Novruz? Theatre Festival of Turkish nations), in Egypt (Cairo, 20-30 September, 2005 the 17th International theatre festival), in Turkey (Trabzon,1-13 May, 2006, 7th International Black Sea Theatre Festival), in Austria (Vienna, 9-15 April, 2007), in Russia (Moscow, 17-19 April, 2007, ?Azerbaijan Culture days?), in Finland (Imatra, 14-17 June, 2007 ? White and Black? International Theatre Festival), in Russia (Moscow, 9-11 October, 2007, International Festival of Bible figure), in Saudi Arabia ( Ar-Riyadh, Dammam, Jiddah, 10-14 November, 2007 ?Azerbaijan Culture Days?), in France ( Paris, 23-25 May, 2008, UNESCO ?Leyli and Majnun?), in German (Berlin, 13-19 June 2008, The year of Azerbaijan Culture), in Egypt (Cairo, 10-20 October 2008, 20th International Festival ofexperimental theatres). In Georgia (Tbilisi, 16-19 June 2009, ?The Days of Azerbaijan Culture?), in Switzerland (Bazel, Uster, Dornach 25 November ? 5 December 2009, ?The Days of Azerbaijan Culture?), in international theatre festivals, in transmissions of the Azerbaijan television and wireless.
Theatre - studio of a pantomime has given the state status in March 6, 2000.
Chief Director of pantomime theatre ? Bakhtiyar Khani-Zadeh (honoured worker of art of Azerbaijan)

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